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Here's where we'll share stories, pictures, and more... even your stories if you tell them to us! 

We'll also try to use our blog to encourage great stewardship of our forests, waterways, and the animal kingdom as we fish, hunt, and hike across the hills that surround us. 

Guest bloggers are also welcome. Feel free to contact us and let us know that you have stories, wisdom, and... to share.

It's In The Blood

Wier Gear

Bradley was born into it...

Bradley was born into it...


It's in the family blood - hunting and fishing people will tell you.  "My father's father did it, my father did it, and so do I," is often part of a conversation when asked how someone started hunting. Most of the time it's the same answer with fishing - it's in the blood. 

Families that pass down tradition carry on history rich in culture and lifestyles. Sharing passions such as fishing and hunting with children insures, that indeed 'it's in the blood'.